RSI 2022? Should I even apply?

I’m new to this platform but wanted to give it a shot! Do you think I should apply to RSI given my stats below, or should I spend my time on other applications? (I’ll be a junior next year)

Female from Pennsylvania

Class Rank- 1/290
AP Classes

  • Freshman: Stats (5)
  • Sophomore: Chem (?), Bio (?), Calc AB (?)
  • Junior (v/ tentative): Lang, APUSH, Enviro, Comp Sci Principals, Calc BC

PSAT: 1350 (sophomore year w/ no studying, I’m working on it rn though so fingers crossed for a better score lol)
SAT: still working on it too

Awards/Things I do:

  1. Science Fair (local, there is no state fair): a bunch of sponsor awards and I got 4th place this year for chem.
  • no ISEF sadly, I was really trying hard this year but hopefully next year.
  • Also trying to get my project published!
  1. USNCO Semifinalist
  2. All-State Orchestra and Youth Symphony
  3. Science Olympiad: a bunch of regional medals.
  4. Research internship at CMU.

Okay, that’s basically all. I didn’t really go into detail about my clubs but they’re the typical ones everyone does. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing, I really want to go to RSI, but I don’t think I’m good enough. Since I’m from Pennsylvania I could also do PGSS. So do you think I should focus on PGSS or give RSI a shot? Pleaseeeee be realistic, I won’t be offended, I know I’m not as impressive as others.

Apply if RSI is your dream. However, I think your profile is definitely less strong than those accepted to RSI.

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What type of research internship @ RSI?