RSI 2022? Worth Applying?

Is it worth it for me to apply to RSI? I know the selection rate is extremely low (apparently some years lower than MIT itself), so I wanted to know if it’s even worth pursuing.

My Stats:

4.0 GPA UW, 4.633 W, Class Rank 6/515

No PSAT, 1540 SAT (750 M, 790 EBRW)

Freshman: AP Psych (5)
Sophomore: AP Human Geo, AP Calc AB & BC, AP Earth Science, AP Macroeconomics - All 5s
Junior: AP Physics I, AP US History, AP CSP & CSA, AP Stats

Various honor societies: Beta Club, NHS, Science NHS, Math Honor Society
Robotics: Programmer on various robotics teams since 3rd grade (currently my ninth year of robotics)
Boy Scouts: will be an Eagle Scout by the summer
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) since 6th grade

Captain of a State Championship Robotics Team (Worlds Qualified)
Captain of an Inspire Award-Winning robotics team (essentially highest award possible at state level)
6th place nationally at FBLA event
State Champion of FBLA event
AP Scholar with Distinction for sophomore year

I’m concerned that I don’t have nearly enough STEM ECs, so I’m wondering if it’s even worth applying at all. Thank you!

Forgot to include this, but I would appreciate any other summer program recs if you think they would be a better fit for me.