RSI Chances

4.00 UW ; 4.18 W GPA
Note: My school does not offer AP courses to freshmen and sophomores.

Stem Courses currently taking: Calculus BC (at my local university), AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science

PSAT: 1430 (680 Reading, 750 Math)
Chinese SAT: 750 - self-taught Chinese in 6 months (was born in US)

Currently an intern (w/ professor) at local university researching Quantum Physics and Stochastic Control

• Research Intern at UCI’s Mechanical Engineering Department studying undergraduate-level mathematical analysis in preparation for research on stochastic control (side project: automotive propulsion)
• FIRST Robotics Competition World Championships Qualifier 2017: Build Team Vice Captain
• Captain of NASA Space Settlement Competition Team
• Captain of Toshiba Exploravision Team
• Astronomy Club (Secretary, Treasurer)
• Volunteer educator for Astronomy Club at local library; I coordinate astronomy-related activities and presentations for community youth (Logged ~100 hrs to date)
• Selective member of Dave Wittry Memorial Programming Competition Team
• Model United Nations: Multiple Best Delegate, Outstanding, Commendation, and Research awards
• Selected as Staff Writer for school newspaper
• Board Game Club (Secretary): Speaheaded a program for the club that integrates students who are mentally challenged
• Working on a non-profit organization that uses leftover profits to provide educational lab equipment to underprivileged communities

Awards: Youth of the Month (represented my entire school), Pride of the Pack, Principal’s Honor Roll, 20+ Outstanding/Commendation MUN Awards

Pretty solid essays and imo. Gave to Harvard student to revise until he was satisfied.

Nobody can really chance one for RSI because of the wide range of people they accept. You seem to have research experience and the only potential turnoff is the reading score on your PSAT (which appears to be insignificant in the grand scheme of things). For one thing, your application was more impressive than mine. That’s my two cents.