RSI or Published Research?

<p>Which looks better on an app?? having been to RSI or having co-published a research article in a journal with your mentor (assuming one hasn't done both)</p>

<p>published research. rsi linked you with a mentor that could also lead to a publication, so in the end, rsi works out best. :)</p>

<p>what is ultimately important is the experience you have more than whether you list RSI or published research on your college apps. How do you feel about the experience you are getting working with your current mentor, compared to what you might experience with an RSI mentor? RSI also allows you to be part of an entire community which may be very different and much more valuable than your friends and associates at home. In addition to the experience of being in the program, participation in RSI also plugs you into a rich network of alumni that you can draw upon in years to come.</p>

<p>diddo what texas137 says. you get to be a part of the rsialumni community. it's the best feeling ever. CEE will help you with professional and/or graduate school later on. They're very supportive!</p>

<p>quite honestly, if you have rsi or published research, does it matter what you put on ur app? ur in.</p>