RSI Website Timed Out

GUYS I NEED HELP! The website for RSI timed out and it didn’t let me submit - what should I do?? I literary finished the application and spent so long on it

yeah… me too :sob: sucks because it was just the payment confirmation loading for like ten minutes and I was freaking out. Welp

What are we supposed to do???

how do you pay???

I am panicking so much right now

yeah :frowning: idk i kind of wish i knew about the program earlier and didn’t have to pull three all-nighters but looks like all the effort was for nothing. literally clicked submit and the payment confirmation was loading until it timed out like two seconds later TT welp i guess that’s that. I emailed them like a minute right after, but they’ll probably respond on monday and we’ll see. Should have taken a screenshot though

I literarly spent all of winter break on this application - do you think they will accept?

Do these kinds of programs usually accept it?

So sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do until Monday, or most likely Tuesday, given the holiday weekend. If you haven’t emailed them as @turtles123 has, you’ll want to. Explain what happened as simply and clearly as possible. Then, call them on Tuesday morning. Each situation is unique, but my kid had something similar happen in a different context, and they were allowed to submit their application. Wishing you the best.:crossed_fingers:

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Applications were due by 10 pm EST. From your timestamp, it appears you may have been really close to the deadline. The system may have prevented any submissions after a certain time. All you can do now is contact them and explain your situation. Best of luck to you.