Rug size?

I was placed into a single room this year— though it’s unclear if the room will be made to be a single bc the school has tried to make as many rooms as possible singles. Single room dimensions are 12’6” by 9’7” — what size area rug would anyone recommend? The floors are tile and I’d love a sizeable rug but not sure what would work.

Maybe wait until you get there and see how much furniture there is and figure out how you will arrange it. Then you will know what size rug to get. You should be able to order something online fairly easily.

I assume “unclear if the room will be made to be a single“ means it may be single occupant in a formerly double room. If they leave both beds in, the answer will be very different,

A twin bed is 38 inches wide, so you could fit up to about 12x6 if only one bed and you can move furniture to get the rug under it.

But given the unknownS, I agree that waiting until you arrive would be best.