Ruggable? Or something else?

Our new powder room vanity and countertop are being installed in a matter of days - 2 months ahead of schedule and I am starting to think about the finishing touches in there. There was a thread a while back there was a home thread where posters were talking about Ruggable rugs. I love the patterns and they look so much better than those boring solid color ones. They say they are good for bathrooms and kitchens because you can wash them. We are a “barefoot” house and the rug in the powder room has to be soft, so for me that either means fluffy or squishy.

The negative reviews all say they are thin and scratchy. Those of you who have one, do they soften up over time? I know I can’t do anything about the thickness, especially since the size I need doesn’t have the option for the thicker pad.

Also, in case the Ruggable doesn’t meet my “soft” criteria, does any one have a recommendation for a bath rug you have and like?

I would just say that overall even for a powder room - that the rug should be washable. Drippy washed hands in addition to other things. :).

Or at the very least, easily washed with like a portable rug cleaner.

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Totally agree! The Ruggable is machine washable, which is a plus over many others. The plain ones (my mom calls them “scatter rugs” but I don’t know if that’s a real term) get washed here a bare minimum of monthly, usually more often. I am a bit of a neatnik and germaphobe!

I don’t like the “scatter rugs” for a non-shower/bath bathroom. I tend to get a pretty smaller rug from Target or Home Goods, wash them as needed and then just replace them as needed.

I have this one now in a 1/2 bath off the kitchen. Washes great. Stays put for the most part. Not thick but not scratchy.


I just got two Ruggables for an l-shaped entry hall. I love them so far. They are not “soft,” but they aren’t uncomfortable to walk on. Ruggable does have shag rugs, although that might possibly be too fluffy for a bathroom.

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D has a small Ruggable in her first floor bath and I really like it. I tend to go down there to shower when I visit since upstairs non-master bath is shared between guest room and baby and that means wall to wall baby bath things. I think the Ruggable is soft and durable and I would be likely to buy one should the need arise.

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Though I have not seen a Ruggable in person, D likes them. My understanding is that the top part is the washable layer. For a bathroom, I prefer to wash the entire rug. Though cotton is lovely, I prefer a faster drying material for a bathroom, unless everyone and every guest is trained in drying their feet as they step out of the shower. Macy’s has a large selection, some on sale.

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Love my ruggable. We also are barefoot in the house. It’s thin but not scratchy.

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I never heard of Ruggables until this thread. I just spent half hour perusing items for my bedroom. My four bedrooms were just redone with light wood, and my dog isn’t so happy sleeping on the floor now. Thanks for introducing me to them. It’s hard to pick just the right color from a picture.


You can order swatches. If you narrow it down to a few, it would be worth the money to get samples. Do you offer Rug Cover and Pad samples? – FAQs

My D2 has several Ruggables in her place and they are especially nice since her roommates have a dog and the rugs are washable. D2 knows the CEO of Ruggables.

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