RUGS, and other dorm must-haves

<p>I was at lowes home improvement today, and they had a bunch of rugs on clearance.
5x7 foot for $25. They had tan (light and dark), brown, gray, and green, along with some icky-feeling ones. Is this a good size? And what color would you recommend for the usual brown tiled, white walled dorm room? I was thinking of the darker tan, because I want it to match everything.</p>

<p>I'm also going to get some organizational stuff, and some lighting...and some posters. Is there anything else that's cool to make it not look like i'm living in a prison cell?</p>

<p>Future interior design major right here.</p>

<p>I had white walls, dark brown tiles, and almost everything in my room was blue-- except my roommates bedspread was hot pink. I picked blue colors because its soothing and reminds me of home. Everything in shades of brown would not make me happy.</p>

<p>Yellow, orange, and green all go fairly well with brown.</p>

<p>A nightstand and a lamp for reading. I also brought a computer chair because the one they provide you with is usually pretty uncomfortable.</p>

<p>I definitely wish I'd brought a good chair. The chairs in my friends dorms at other schools have always been acceptable so I thought I'd be alright, ended up doing all my homework on my bed or on the floor because the chair was unbearable.</p>

<p>^Instead of buying a chair (something bulky and hard to store/bring home), buy a seat cushion. It did wonders for my chair (and butt...)</p>

<p>I'd go with green. I'm not a huge fan of too much matching, and the other colors are all neutrals. And personally, a room with different shades of brown would not be the most appealing place to live. If you do plan on going with the tan, you might consider picking an accent color to break things up.</p>

<p>A lot of people put up white Christmas lights in their rooms. You can get curtains if your window has a curtain rod. In addition to posters, you can put up posters and pictures with your friends.</p>

<p>I had a seat cushion. A seat cushion will fix a hard seat, not a chair that is poorly designed for back health.</p>

<p>Thankfully I need a desk chair for home anyway. My parents bought a bedroom set when I was in 4th grade and never got me a chair to go with the desk. My desk chair at home is a metal folding chair with the back panel popped out. :P</p>

<p>Depending on your window, even if there isn't a curtain rod you may be able to get a tension rod-- adding curtains is a great way to make a dorm more homey, and blackout curtains are awesome when it's hot out. My roommate and I used white christmas lights in place of our fluorescent light at night just because it was so much less sterile, any kind of warmer lighting you can bring in is going to be a great help.</p>

<p>^^Regarding my last post. I meant to write "post cards" in that last sentence!</p>