Ruined my grade with a C+ so I am submitting my transfer application for Berkeley with a 3.67 GPA, all hope lost?

I am an Applied Math Major and am in the TAP program. So it’s a 30% acceptance rate with a 3.65 bottom-of-scale enrollment GPA and the Tap program supposedly boosts your chances to 80%.

What else can I do to make my essay as holistic as humanly possible to boost my chances? I only got a C+ in Intro to Japanese (lol) and my second lowest grade is a B- in philosophy, I get solid A’s in Calculus.

I talked to my TAP advisor and he said to tutor and do volunteering, but can I do any other stuff? Like starting a math youtube channel because I like film? To combine my creativity with my major. I am also a minority, low income, and first generation and struggled immensely but I don’t know how to mention this in a way that doesn’t feel fake.

I am at a loss and don’t want to wait another year to transfer to boost my gpa. Can anybody here gift me with advice or assurance? Like things that Berkeley without a doubt likes and rates highly for? Thank you an GL yourself!