rules for overnights

<p>I know that an official visit to a DI school can not happen before the first day of a student's senior year. But do the same rules apply in DIII? Can a student have an overnight at a school that may be in session before the student's high school year begins?</p>

<p>I don't know whether there are rules against it, but recruits stay with the current team members so I don't know how it would be feasible to do it until school is in session.</p>

<p>Last year, D visited a D3 school over Labor Day weekend, Fridat to Saturday. The college was in session. The high school started after Labor Day. The coach was stringent about discussing the visit rules, so I'm sure it all followed the letter of the (NCAA) law.</p>

<p>mom--did your daughter do an overnight with someone on the team during that labor day visit?</p>

<p>an overnight and an official visit are not necessarily the same thing ... I believe if the student visits on their own dime the rules are a lot looser on the visit.</p>

<p>This is for D-III from the NCAA website:</p>

<p>• You may make an unlimited number
of unofficial visits any time.</p>

<p>• You may make official visits starting the
opening day of classes your senior year.
• You may make only one official visit per college.</p>

<li>I assumed the 'opening day of classes' piece, pertained to the student athlete's HS classes</li>

<p>The wording for D-III official visits is very similar to that for DI & DII...with the exception that DI & DII limit the total number of official visits to 5. There is no cap on the maximum number of official visits for DIII (other than one OV per school)</p>

<p>DI & DII
• You may make an
unlimited number
of unofficial visits.</p>

<p>• Official Visits are allowed beginning
opening day of classes
your senior year.</p>

<p>• You are limited to one
official visit per college
up to a maximum of five
official visits to Divisions
I and II colleges.</p>

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<p>On the Labor Day visit... the Coach called it an official visit, but we knew that it was really on our own dime as it was D3. They did cover her lunch, dinner, and breakfast if I recall. She also sat in on a class and watched practice. She also had an admissions interview. She attended the team dinner -- the girls cooked -- the night before the game. The coach was very clear that she could not practice with the team (that would be a tryout, which is not allowed). She also signed an agreement for the overnight about rules and behaviour (no alcohol, etc). She was returned to us just before the game on Saturday afternoon, and we watched the game before departing campus. I hope this helps. They certainly treated her well! (We left the town and went about a couple of hours away for the evening, and returned by noon).</p>

<p>Description by Mom22039 is very much what S experienced on his several DIII overnights last year. Athletes get the same in terms of meals. etc. as a non-athlete would on an overnight visit; this is DIII. No transportation or parent accommodations paid for.</p>

<p>We were trying to fit in a visit to two scools during the week that they were in session but my daughter wasn't yet in school. One coach asked whether she will have had her first day of school and one did not, although she discussed overnights with both. I wonder if she needs to mention the fact that school won't have started to the other coach.</p>