Rules of getting credit for APs

<p>I just wanted to see which APs would count and what I need to get on the rest if I went to Cornell. I would be in either CAS or CALS so if anyone can tell me what I need to get and post some links that would be really helpful, thanks.</p>

<p>For CALS:
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<p>The CALS page is the only one I can find. I’m going to Cornell and I’ll be in CAS but after searching and searching, I have NO idea what I need to get on my tests. Does anyone else know or know how to find out?</p>

<p>[Courses</a> of Study 2010-2011](<a href=“]Courses”> Scroll down to “Credit and Placement”. That’s generic. CAS does not allow you to apply much outside credit to your degree though. A bit more here: [College</a> of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University](<a href=“]College”> and a lot more here: [Courses</a> of Study 2010-2011: College of Arts and Sciences](<a href=“]Courses”></p>

<p>You’d have to talk to an advisor, but you may be able to use the AP scores to get you placement out of the introductory courses and into something more interesting even if you don’t use the credit toward your graduation requirements.</p>

<p>guys, just do some research, you can find all the information on your college’s website.</p>

<p>Some people just don’t know everything is available on the Internet… And Google.
“Cornell CAS AP Credit”</p>

<p>I searched hard, I promise. And I just looked in the Courses of Study book I got at Cornell, and it turns out that everything is on page 8… embarrassing. hahah. But at least now I know what credits I have! I’ll put up general score usage of what they’ll give you credit for:</p>

<p>Chemistry - 5
Microeconomics - 4,5
Macroeconomics - 4,5
Eng. Language and English Lit. vary by college.
Environmental Science - 5
U.S. Government - 4,5
American History - 4,5
European History - 4,5
Mathematics AB - 3,4,5
Mathematics BC - 3 for 4 credits; 4,5 for 8 credits
Psychology - 4,5
Statistics - 4,5</p>

<p>There’s more, but I didn’t feel like putting up all of it.</p>