RUmor about SAT true or not?

<p>I heard that a high score on the SAT the first time is not impressive second and third time as it is the first time to ivy schools??!!!!</p>

<p>I'm having a hard time deciphering your question/statement/thought. I'm going to guess you're asking whether it's okay to have an impressive score from the second or third trials, in order to be admitted to Ivy Leagues? Yes, it's perfectly fine. But I'm more concerned about whether you can get an impressive score anyway; judging from your level of writing (as well as username), I think it's pretty unlikely.</p>

<p>lol wow. thanks for your response. and sorry for my english i was posting it from school so i had to type quickly :P but ill rephrase my ques. I wanted to ask if high SAT scores the first time is more impressive than a high score the second and third time?!! UNDERSTAND?</p>

<p>I'm not an admissions officer, nor is anybody else on this forum, despite the tone of authority most will add to their posts. I'm guessing it differs from college to college, so if you want real information, contact the admission officers of the schools you're interested in.</p>

<p>kk thanks fat_nerd :) and i should email the dean of admissions for this type of question?</p>

<p>You can email him whatever you want, but if you expect a response, make sure it's relevant to the university and admissions process.</p>

<p>Thank you for you advice it has been great !</p>

<p>It is not really true, unless you are taking it like three times or more in one year. Then, it would probably suggest you are desperate and obsessing over the test too much rather than spending your time doing other more important things.</p>

<p>I guess if you get a 2400 the first time it'd be better than if you got it the fourth or fifth try but really, I don't think it makes a huge difference. However, I'm not a college admissions officer or anything.</p>