Rumor about yale admissions last year: true?

<p>Hey y'all: I just heard from a good friend who like me is also a senior that last year Yale released decisions 2 days early. Is this just a baseless rumor or is it true? (If true will it happen again? ) thanks and good luck!</p>

<p>It didn’t happen. Try googling for a result and see . . . I imagine if Yale had released early, it would be newsworthy event – especially because it would be in violation of the Ivy Agreement to release acceptances on the same date. See: [Common</a> Ivy League Agreement](<a href=“Apply to Dartmouth | Dartmouth Admissions”>Apply to Dartmouth | Dartmouth Admissions)</p>

<p>Use your cognitive skills: Resources sticky thread > Class of 2016 RD Results thread > check the date of the first decision.</p>