Rumor or LIe??????

<p>Is this a rumor or lie? I heard on collegeconfidential that 40% of all people that scored 1600's and applied to Harvard actually got in. That means that 60% didnt get in. Is this true...? Or is this something somebody just made up? Also..just in case this is true....why didnt the other 60% get in? Were they lacking something very important? It seems like these people who got 1600's must be very smart and therefore very qualified! What was the reason that you believe made them not get in??? Thanks a lot...I was wondering so i dont make the same mistake!</p>


<p>That figure sounds about right. I think the one I've heard is 50%. All that it proves is that at places like Harvard, SATs are not everything. While SATs are important, amazing transcripts + extracurriculars are crucial, also.</p>

<p>A kid with a 1600 and average everything else isn't going to get in over a kid with a 1500 who is better elsewhere.</p>

<p>thanks a lot! that helped a lot!</p>

<p>Harvard rejected around 2000 applicants last year with scores of 1600 on their SATs...there you have it</p>

<p>yay good news!</p>

<p>I think a 1590 is the best score to get on the SAT... colleges like Harvard seem a little too obssessed with how many 1600s they reject, (in my opinion)!</p>

<p>My S was accepted to Harvard in 1994. He went EA on the advice of his pediatrician who had know him since infancy. He watched him grow and develop over the course of his childhood and every year I would comment on his ever groing list of achievements and/or awards. His first accomplishment was at age 11 memorizing the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe and reciting it perfectly word for word in front of his class. His rationale?? His teacher told him no one had ever memorized it before! In seventh grade, he actually achieved in the 98%ile for graduating HS seniors in science on one of those college bound admissions tests...he was only in JHS. I asked how did he know chemistry? He said he read it in the chemistry manual that accompanied that ole' chemistry set I bought for him when he was 8 that sat abandoned in the basement. He also took the SAT's that year for the CTY/JHU Talented Youth Program and got an unrevised 620 in the math at the age of 12. And you know that pediatrician? He turned out to be the regional representative for admissions for Harvard...little did I know. My S went on to secure an individual award for the NYC metro area in computer programming and his HS computer team, for which he was the captain, took home a NYC Metropolitan computer programming team award...this public westchester co. high school had only 400 students in it and competed against the likes of Scarsdale, Hackley, Chappaqua, Bronxville, as well as NJ local schools. In his Junior year he was awarded a US Dept of Energy Grant for Supercomputer Programming as a Superkid and spent the summer at Lawrence Livermore Labs in California, the representative from the State of New York, one of 50 HS students there..mostly seniors. His SAT unrevised scores were only V680 M780...but he had 15 AP' you see SAT's aren't everything. My S had a demonstrable talent...were there other kids smarter than he that did not get into Harvard??? Sure!!!!!!! However, he appeared to be able to distinguish himself from the run of the mill "1600" kids...and had a pediatrician that suggested Harvard be considered his "safety" school. Hope this answers some questions. </p>

<p>PS My husband and I are only City University graduates and very, very middle class. So there you go. We paid full tuition with NO financial aid.</p>

<p>All I can say is "wow".</p>

<p>sgiovinc1: i don't understand why you didn't get any financial aid... you said he applied ea to harvard and was accepted... did he attend?</p>

<p>sgiovinci1, congratulations on your son, and I hope he loved Harvard. My son was admitted last year (he chose a different college -- yes it does happen) with an SAT score that I think was 1560. (Amazing how these stats that seem so important at the time fade in memory). Anyway, he wanted to take it again to shoot for 1600 but we all convinced him not to. We thought it was just a waste of time and money. His gc actually told him he was better off with a 1560, which was high enough to help him get in, but would give no one the incentive to brag about rejecting him!</p>

<p>Did not get financial aid because my hubbie and I earned demonstrable income...we are both civil service employees. I work for a NYS school district and he with the Federal government. We had only one child in school and owned a home. Our expected family contribution was over $18,000/year towards tuition and at that time Harvard's tuition alone was about $20,000 or so and the rest room and board, etc. Harvard only gives you aid based on financial need. We didn't have any according to them! We borrowed from home equity....and now are struggling to send our last child of three to Carnegie Mellon also without financial aid. It's the middle class earn too much to receive aid and then not enough to really pay for it with all your other expenses....our homeowners taxes alone are $12000/year here in West. Co. New York. They don't take that into consideration...only mortgage.</p>

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