Rumors of election fraud

<p>Someone just showed me this article.</p>

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<p>It discusses the possibility of election fraud in some of the smaller precincts of Florida, by hacking into the tabulation computers. Their main evidence seems to be that if the numbers for Bush and Kerry are switched in some of the smaller precincts that use touch-screen voting, the voting in those precincts, as well as Florida as a whole, then matches up with exit polls and expectations.</p>

<p>Now, I will admit that I supported Kerry and would be overjoyed if it were somehow discovered that he actually won. But I also realize that this article is obviously biased, and there are a lot of democrats who just won't accept the truth and move on, so I'm not going to take it at face value.</p>

<p>What are everyone's takes on this rumor (and others)? And please don't turn this into a political debate, because CC has quite enough of those already.</p>

<p>i support kerry too, and i wish there was something we could blame this election on. but we can't. just like jon stewart said on the daily show "what a triumph for democracy. people went out in record numbers to vote...and bush won." all the while looking like he wanted to kill himself. haha. gw won fair and square (well not fair because he used fear to sway votes, but still)</p>

<p>Yeah, while the internet is flooded with bloggers who are whipping up a vast voting conspiracy, everyone needs to get over it. Dubya will be our President for the next 4 years and lets pray that his second term is better than his disasterous first.</p>

<p>BTW, the feds need to make sure that a paper printout is required of all electronic voting machines. That will stop at least some of the conspiracy theories and set peoples minds at ease.</p>

<p>i agree,...electronic voting machines make me uneasy. i know what I am able to do to the school computer system in the way of files and changing data, and ive had no training or anything, i just click stuff and things happen.... it worries me that there are people who can completely destroy machines and servers with a few keystrokes... voting fraud would be harder if computers were kept to a minimum.</p>

<p>Does anyone watch "Countdown" on MSNBC? Olbermann has been pushing the story every single day this week.</p>

<p>yea there are also sites claiming Kerry wanted to cheat the election as well, its all amusing to me.</p>

<p>Well, that would make sense. After all, it's the democrats that have the reputation for getting the biggest share of the dead person vote in Illinois and whatnot.</p>

<p>"Well, that would make sense. After all, it's the democrats that have the reputation for getting the biggest share of the dead person vote in Illinois and whatnot."</p>

<p>and mayor quimby as well.</p>

<p>"please, tell me not you too Snowball two!"</p>

<p>However if Kerry had won filmxoxo17, the Bush supports would be looking to verify his win as well. I think everyone just wants to know that the election didn't have any flaws.</p>

<p>The counties in Florida that Olberman is using for his examples have high levels of Democratic registration but they went republican in 2000 too...this is just a case of southerners who started out as Democrats 20+ years ago (when they registered) but have become rerliable republicans as the south has shifted parties and the democratic party has drifted left...most of these "democrats" don't even remember that they are registered as democrats, not republicans.</p>