Running out of practice exams?


<p>I took the ACTs in June and I am planning on taking them again in September. I have studied and exhausted many ACT practice exams, including all of the practice exams in both Princeton ACT books, and two out of three of the exams in "The Real ACT Prep Guide" (I am saving the very last one to practice a week or two before the exam). I have seen some practice exams online but I'd rather not print out all of the pages for each exam. I have heard that Barron's is too hard, and other brands such as McGraw Hill are too easy. I also bought Dissecting the ACT 2.0 but that does not include any exams. I am wondering if anyone can suggest any other books/sources that can help me practice for the ACTs. Thanks!</p>

<p>princeton reviews cracking the ACT.</p>

<p>Thanks, but I already finished the exams in that book :)</p>

<p>sparknotes. </p>

<p>just create an account and you can take three pretty legit exams</p>

<p>^but he doesn't want online exams. I guess you could try kaplan; also, make sure to go back through the other tests in the Real ACT book and review the questions you missed and why- that's probably the best thing you can do if you run out of resources.</p>

<p>^he said he would rather not print out the pages. You don't print them out, you take them online.</p>

<p>Thanks guys :)</p>