<p>When you recieve your admissions packet, they give you a suggested physical fitness routine. Do they plan on every person doing this to get in shape or will the kids that complete this be alot more prepared? I know I am definetly going to do it but I am considering going up to 4 miles a day just to be that much more prepared. I can see many kids shrugging this piece of paper off. Just wondering basically if I do what they tell me to if I'll be ok?</p>

<p>More is ALWAYS better IMO. I really don't think they would send you the routine with the intent of allowing you to arrive UNprepared.</p>

<p>At my CVW though I asked my mid what he thought of PEP during Plebe Summer. He and his roommates explained that, from their experience, if you arrive in really good shape, you'll actually end the summer in worse shape. They went on to explain that the constant working out just broke down the muscles without allowing time to rebuild. I can see how this is true, but I'm still gonna work my a$$ off until I-Day.</p>

I can see many kids shrugging this piece of paper off.


<p>I resemble that remark! :o</p>

<p>if you can run what they tell you to, you'll be fine. you really can't go in too good of shape.</p>

<p>wow that's sick. Plebe Summer sounds like a vacation in Cancun. Pfffff piece of cake. :-/</p>