Rush into sorority?

<p>What is rushing into a sorority? How does this work? If you are a freshman do you set up in a dorm and then run over to the sorority house with all your stuff once you get in?</p>

<p>At my school, it's formal recruitment. You go to 45 minute "parties," or meet and greets with EVERY sorority. This occurs for two days. There is a dress code. After the second day, you rank the sororities, and they rank you. Greek life staff compares the two list and extends invitations. It is done by hand at my school (which is rare), and sororities do not extend the invitations themselves. Day 3 and 4 are formal- you only meet with up to 4 sororities (the ones you were matched up with). After day for, everyone ranks eachother. The lists are sent to Greek Life, who decides who gets into what sorority. Two days after, girls go to the Greek Life office to pick up their bids, and there are bid dinners. The girls find out where they landed before the sororities, who receive a list at 5pm.</p>

<p>During recruitment, you can not friend anyone you met during recruitment on FB. During the year, if you have an event on FB, you can not have freshmen on the invite list. During recruitment, girls can not go to the houses or meet with sorority members outside of class. You can't talk to them if you see them on campus. It is very strict. It also is very different at my school.</p>



<p>If "rush" was not a misnomer, then yes. I don't think the PHC sororities ever "rushed." I do know that there was a time in the past when IFC fraternities literally rushed: they just go up to trainloads of people going to college on GI bills, give them a high-pressure sales pitch, and say, "you're now an ABC, DEF, XYZ, etc.; look forward to getting hazed in a minute."</p>

<p>That doesn't happen anymore. What happens these days is recruitment. On my campus, the sororities also do a formal recruitment, where women sign up for the process and are invited to tour all the houses. Then, thru a mutual selection process, the houses get narrowed down until they pledge somewhere or drop out of the process. Nobody moves in until the next year, but do expect to hang out a lot at the house.</p>

<p>You can't even go to the houses at my school, because only half of the sororities have traditional houses, and it would create an unfair advantage.</p>

<p>It depends on the university, but here's how the terminology works:</p>

<p>Arizona</a> State University</p>

<p>As for housing, some schools require you live in the sorority house/hall. Others have a blend of sororities that require it and those that don't. While some may not have any housing at all for sororities. You'll have to look up which of these your school has. </p>

<p>The actual process usually goes: Day 1: Attend information meeting/orientation, Day 2, 3, & 4: Sorority visits and activities, Day 5: You submit your preference(s), Day 6: Houses announce who they give a bid to(invitation to join). Most of these events/days are usually dress attire and you aren't guaranteed an bid(invitation) so you don't expect too much, recruitment is hard. Other than that, make sure to be yourself and to choose a sorority that feels comfortable to you or not one at all. Good luck!</p>