Rush now or wait for spring?

I’m a first year staying home for this quarter but most likely moving up to IV by January. I definitely want to rush. Should I rush now or wait to get to IV and get a better feel of everything?

Rushing now would possibly be better because I‘ll have a lighter schedule and obviously fall rush is the “main” rush. I’m afraid I might not be able to get the right feel about the chapters through Zoom though. Rushing during the spring would give me more time to feel out the fraternities and possibly connect with the brothers in person to have a more realistic rush experience. I also heard fraternities at certain schools are having lowkey events to meet freshmen and by staying at home I believe I might be at a disadvantage if that happens.

Go ahead and start rush now, and if it doesn’t feel right then withdraw and do rush in the spring.

wait until you are actually on campus and can meet the members. Many students wait until sophomore year anyway to join.