Rushed my scores to UCs?

<p>So I rushed my scores yesterday to UC Irvine, in the hopes that they would reach all of the ones I applied to (Berkeley, UCLA, Davis, SD, Irvine).</p>

<p>But now, people are saying that UCs don't accept rushed scores? Is this true? If so what should I do?</p>

<p>All help appreciated! I'm panicking right now.</p>

<p>UCs should accept rushed scores... they accepted mine. o.O
UCs don't NEED rushed scores, as in they can be received after December 31st, but I see no reason as to why UCs would NOT accept rushed scores.
It seems really unreasonable. o.O I wouldn't worry too much...</p>

<p>Haha, alright thanks. That's a relief. So I essentially wasted $30 o_o. Oh well, guess I can have peace of mind now. Any idea when the actual application review process starts?</p>