Rushing NOV scores help.

<p>How exactly do I go about doing this? Do I have to do something now... or do I have to wait until the scores come online Nov 19th to do something? I'm obviously applying ED. These are my SAT II scores, I'm taking 3 in nov and haven't taken any yet.</p>


<p>Wait until the scores are released electronically. Then submit online to have them rushed. You can't do it before they are released. I've been told that Oct scores also need to be rushed for ED.</p>

<p>Momsdream - isn't it true, though, that if you're rushing your November scores you don't need to rush your October ones? I thought that by sending your Nov. scores early, you're sending with it a report with all of your scores.</p>

<p>Yes, true Rubbernecking. That's a great point. The college will receive all of your scores, to date.</p>

<p>but if u dont rush ur nov scores than it doesn't send all of your scores?? how does that make sense</p>

<p>and for the penn apps--you do not need to rush oct test scores regardless, only nov ones.</p>

<p>and then for normal decision, u have to finish everything by dec, and january u can do retakes but u can't take anything new.</p>

<p>u dont need to rush ur scores. as long as u send them just have UPENN as one of the schools to receive ur scores. they just need ur scores to verify what you wrote.</p>

<p>To clarify:</p>

<p>During multicultural day at Penn, we were standing behind a woman talking to an adcom (awaiting my son's turn) and she asked if Oct scores need to be rushed. He said yes. </p>

<p>And, anyone who doesn't rush Nov scores is taking a risk...especially if those are improvements on older scores or are the only scores for that test (i.e. your only SATII writing score). You take the exam on Nov 6. Your scores won't reach the college until around Nov 27-Dec 1. That's just two weeks before the decisions are rendered. You could have already been rejected by the time your scores arrive. Not rushing Nov scores is a crazy thing to do.</p>

<p>oh yeah, u're required to rush nov scores. but on the website it says u dont have to rush oct scores.</p>

<p>But that doesn't seem to make sense. If they will accept rushed November scores (which might get there sometime like Nov. 11), why can't they accept the regularly-sent October ones (which get there maybe Nov. 2 or 3?)</p>

<p>im curious though as to how you rush nov. scores? can anyone explain this a bit more in detail?</p>