Rushing scores per the College Board

<p>I just called the CB to find out if rushing S's scores for the Nov. SAT will make any difference, considering he has aready asked they be sent to his schools. They said that the scores will arrive at schools 3 weeks from the test date, since he's already requested they be sent. That means they would get to the schools around Nov. 27. </p>

<p>They further confirmed that you can't rush scores until they appear on the CB website, which is officially Nov. 19. It then takes 2 business days. So I guess that would mean rushed scores would arrive around Nov. 23 or 24. </p>

<p>I did see a post here recently that the schools have fast access to a database anyway. I did not ask about that - wish I had! </p>

<p>But it seems to me that unless you think a few days could really make a difference, rushing scores may be a waste of money. That was what the CB person seemed to think - "People are so impatient - it just means more money for them, and more money for us! Not much point in it." </p>

<p>Schools will have his earlier SATs as they'll go with his SAT2 scores from the Oct. test. And he does have interviews scheduled for his 2 EA schools during the next week, with people from admissions who will be interviewing locally. He will ask them if they can wait for the latest scores before reviewing his file, or at least to be aware that he is retaking the test. So I don't think we'll rush them.</p>

<p>If anyone knows anything about whether and when the colleges have access to a scores database, I'd love to know 1) if that's true and 2) when they become available.</p>

<p>Thanks and good luck to everyone.</p>