Russian/Languages Departments

<p>I'm choosing between Russian and French. I know French is considered the better department, but that's not all I'm basing my decision on... I just want to know how good the Russian department is</p>


<p>I have no first-hand experience with NYU language departments but my cousin is a Russian major and she's had an excellent experience. I've only heard great things from her about her professors and courses. FWIW.</p>

<p>It depends on what your goals are. Are you just going to take a four course sequence to fulfill your MAP foreign language requirement or are you considering a language for a second major or minor?</p>

<p>Just curious: what does FWIW stand for?</p>

<p>Olzhas: FWIW means "for what it's worth". I seem to recall from previous posts that you are an international, correct? To further clarify, "for what it's worth" is a phrase that qualifies the comment in a way that in this context says " although I have no direct experience with this topic, I heard/read this and thought you might find this information interesting or valuable".</p>

yes, I am a foreign student.
thanks for such a detailed explanation!
I'll try to use this expression in my speech.</p>

<p>Sorry for off-topic comments.</p>