My guidance councelor gave me this email to send it too I used my regular email for colleges that they have info for. It really depends on what school u r trying to get into too because that’s really gonna matter with space available. Good luck though!!

Okay thank you so much! Also when writing the email, should I address it as “To whom it may concern?” because I can’t seem to find a specific name to use since I’m writing to get off the waitlist for SOAS. And do you have any tips or things to include/mention when writing the letter??

I also finished my letter so I just sent it today to the admissions representative. She emailed back saying that she have added my letter to my file. I dont know if I shoud also email it to The lady I emailed it to is the rutgers admission counselor for my high school. and did you attach the letter as a word document or just wrote the letter on email. Thank you in advance.

@njstufent you should write “Dear admissions committee” or Dear admissions officer, and you should mention stuff you didn’t mention on your originial application

@calaca Yeah thats fine if she has already added it to your file so you don’t have to email it to that email again. & wrote letter on email

I just wrote the letter on email and sent it to the email I put down.

I wrote dear Sir/Madam or you can write dear admissions office or something like that. Talk about why u want to go there. What you will get involved in. End with if I get off the waitlist I will immediately enroll. Although I feel like SOAS is harder because everyone applies there so you may not get back from them till after May 1st

Just sent my email to the Admissions Office. Thank you everyone for your help and I’ll be sure to post an update here if anything happens!

did anyone get a reply?

I was accepted off of the waitlist yesterday 4/24 for RBS. 3.95 GPA and 30 ACT

@ew8762 congrats! did you send anything to the admissions office?

@ew8762 also, did they email you that you were taken off the wait-list or did they just update your portal?

They update your portal around midnight and email you in the morning if you are taken off

@ryanbruh4 oh… thanks for replying!

I was actually initially deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision, then waitlisted, and I send all my update information to the school with my first-semester achievements of everything. I wrote how I have a history of family attending RBS (immediate family that is), and how I would enroll if I got in. The message I sent was styled like a cover letter if you know the format of that. I ended up enrolling to SAS a week before this, so I guess that could’ve helped me too!

I got an email around 10am with the update, and they tell you to check your portal. They must’ve done it overnight knowing Rutgers

@ew8762 I also applied early action and got deferred to regular decision, then wait-listed. I sent them a letter of my continued interest, and I’m really hoping to get in SAS.

I’m guessing the admissions office does not update during the weekend?

May I ask what were your stats?

@ryanbruh4 my stats are 1220 SAT 3.64/4 UW GPA and 6.02/7 W GPA. I rank 105/555 of my class. I took 3 AP and a little honors classes. I have also have a decent EC.