Hey guys! I wanted to make a discussion dedicated to RU waitlist. What schools are you guys waitlisted to if any or if you have been accepted off the waitlist?

RU will not touch their waitlist until after May 1 decisions day.

@NJdad07090 Oh, but I saw on the class of 2024 admissions thread that some people have already been accepted off the waitlist.

@njgirl24 - I did not see that, according to RU they were not planning to touch waitlist until after may 1

@NJdad07090 hmm… if you look on the 2024 admissions someone got pulled from sas and soe

I think we should talk in this thread so other people are more aware if they see this one. As far as I know, people were taken off the wait-list Thursday 4/16.

@NJstudent9 Yeah, lets talk in this thread because the mod might delete our chat in the other. Oh okay, yeah I don’t know anyone who has gotten taken off yet.

@njgirl24 Let’s hope we get off soon! Please let me know if you got notified!

@NJstudent9 Yes!! I really hope. And of course same to you! I know the stress but don’t worry we are in the same boat aha.

this is so stressful…

I Just got off the waitlist at about midnight tonight got with a 3.51 and an 1120 to the school of Environmental and biological sciences school for food science. They have taken people off the waitlist at my school already. if you really want to go there you can email the admissions office like I did and express why u want to go there and say u will enroll immediately if you are taken off.

@ryanbruh4 congrats! Did they just email you back with you being admitted?

Thank you. Nope I haven’t gotten an email back yet but I checked my portal and it says admitted-enroll now

gosh I’m so stressed. I really want to go to this Rutgers :confused:

@Ryanbruh4 congrats!!! when did you email them your letter and how long after did you get admitted? Also, do you know if anyone has been selected off the ernest mario school of pharmacy or school of nursing waitlist?

@njstudent9 me too!! :frowning: its all ive been thinking about since i got waitlisted…

Thank you. I sent them my letter 2 days ago and got in yesterday. No I haven’t heard about anybody getting off the pharmacy waitlist but I have seen a couple get off for arts and science and engineering. Your best options are to email them a letter. They want people that will enroll for sure so if you tell them that you have a good shot. Plus pharmacy is very competitive and they may be full with spots but I believe you can get in as well if you let them know that you really want to go here.

@Ryanbruh4 oh okay thankss so much!! did they reply when you sent them your letter?

They didn’t reply till just now. The admissions officer said thanks for writing and he said SOAS I’m still on the waitlist. However he said he was able to make a change to my SOEBS so he admitted me there.

@Ryanbruh4 what email address did you use when you emailed your letter? And who did you address it to? Based on what you said, I’m thinking about shooting my shot and emailing them a letter since Rutgers is my top choice and I got waitlisted to the School of Arts and Sciences.