Rutgers-Camden as Rowan

<p>If the proposal is finalized and approved, UMDNJ will be emerging with Rutgers as Rutgers-Camden will be integrated into Rowan.</p>

To draw more research money from the state.</p>

<p>Supporting View:
Doing so will not only provide Rutgers with more research funding, but it will also extend the opportunity for students to explore and strengthen their academic rigor.</p>

<p>Opposing View:
Camden alumni will be losing their alma mater. Glassboro campus is not only much easier for students park their cars, but also it's safer and perhaps more aesthetically appealing than Camden. Because of this, more students will lean toward Glassboro campus rather than Camden campus. As a result, Rowan will be pressured and unwilling to sustain the cost to run the current Rutgers-Camden buildings; and soon they will be obsolete and no longer in use. Current Camden faculty will be offered less opportunity due to students' gradual migration toward Glassboro. Also, the contract between the faculty members and Rutgers University will be violated, resulting in several lawsuits against the University or the state of New Jersey.</p>

<p>What are your views on this? Personally, I'm neutral since it's hard for me to pick a side. Both sides have very valid reasons.</p>