Rutgers Class of 2025 WAITLIST

This is for all who were waitlisted at Rutgers University in the class of 2025 so we can see when others are taken off the waitlist.

Please comment which schools/campuses you were waitlisted for in this thread. Good luck to all!

is there any chance we find out before May 1?

Based on previous years, it seems like chances of hearing back before May 1st are slim

This is a good reference to look at for everyone as well

which schools are you guys waiting on?

I applied to the SAS in October I got deferred in February. I then was placed on the waitlist 03/26/2021.

do you mind sharing your stats?

also do you guys think this years waitlist acceptance rate will go higher since the number of applicants also increased?

I am waiting on SAS, no test scores and GPA 3.6

Did anyone receive the email from Rutgers to fill out the waitlist form?

Did they send that out already?

I just got it

If its a general link would you mind sharing it?

I didn’t get anything :sob:

no, at all but I am a very very average student and I would be majoring in exercise science. So when I applied to RU- NB SAS my GPA at the time was around 3.1. It’s now around 3.201 (I have not and am not taking any ap’s). I am in the 50% range of my class. I chose to be test-opt. I took 4 years of math, 3 years of science, and a foreign language. I also took an honors history class last year as well as 2 dual enrollment classes (pre-calc and Spanish 3). I am also taking a dual enrollment math course this year. For my EC, I only did one thing for all four years and that is being a student manager for my high school’s football team. For community service, I helped in the nursing home my mom works at, I also helped with a Christmas toy drive for the Ronald McDonald House in NYC, and I made little care packages for a local homeless shelter in New Brunswick. I have also had three jobs. Job one(currently employed) 20 hours/per week, Job two (closed because of financial reasons) 20 hours/ per week, and Job three about 15 hours/ per week. Also both my parents were considered essential workers and dad actually works at the Dental school in Newark. So as you can see I am not this really stellar student who took all AP’s.

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Yes I did 45 minutes ago

Btw the 3.201 is from when mid-year grades was reported so it’s probably different. Also I have gotten like 3-4 C’s and I took a Chemistry and a lab with that last year… again average

Can you please send the link to the form?

Its not a general link its a hyperlink in an email from them.

Aw okay thank you