RUTGERS EARLY ACTION- Fall 2021 Admission Decisions

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  • Date Applied: 8/5/20
  • Stats: GPA 4.2/3.9 w/unw, 1360 SAT, 7 AP, 2 County College Classes, NHS
  • Applied to SEBS/SAS/RBS… with SEBS my real target!!!

Got in all three yesterday!!!

Does anyone know when we get news about merit and financial aid?

Did anyone receive an email today about when to expect decisions?

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Yes I did but no decision.

Yes. Basically a “stop contacting admissions” email lol

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so no new admissions recently and not expected this week???

I am expecting they would before 24th

I’m assuming tonight or tomorrow

guess not tonight :frowning:

tmr then!!

anyone out there checking their status??

literally every 10 mins :sweat_smile:

Last week we had Wed after 11pm

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guess not tn

Anyone Comp Sci major got their decisions?

Applied by EA deadline
Out of State (Illinois)
Accepted by mid December
27 ACT 3.85 UW
Colleges: SES and SAS

Rutgers NB accepted!
School of Business
Test optional
Gpa- 3.85/4.67
Lots of activities
In state
Applied mid October. Accepted 1/15

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Any financial aid?

rutgers NB + SEBS accepted.

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anyone that applied EA still waiting?