RUTGERS EARLY ACTION- Fall 2021 Admission Decisions

Last three years, they came out with the first wave of decisions in December (12/19 or so).

When you hear, please post:

  • Date Applied:
  • Stats:
  • Schools Accepted/Waitlisted/…:

I know my DS and others will be watching the site very closely

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I feel like the next 3 weeks are going to move at a snail’s pace.

Just remember, the first wave is usually the EA kids (applied by 11/1 with credentials in by 11/30).
Admissions said the ‘midranges’ from last year are a good indicator of acceptance… Admissions Profile | Undergraduate Admissions | Rutgers University

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  • Date Applied: 10/3
  • Stats: 4.3 w; no SAT/ACT (test optional)
  • Schools Accepted/Waitlisted/…: Accepted - EMSOP

Did you just hear this morning?
Email/random portal check?

accepted into CAS this morning… they emailed me

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What’s CAS?

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Congrats…Pharma the hardest to get in!

  • Date Applied: 8/5/20
  • Stats: GPA 4.2/3.9 w/unw, 1360 SAT, 7 AP, 2 County College Classes, NHS
  • Schools Accepted/Waitlisted/…:Applied to SEBS/SAS/RBS… with SEBS my real target but nothing hear yet???

@fanoffriends - random check and then email came late morning

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Still nothing but ‘in progress’

Did anyone receive a mask from Rutgers?

Last year decisions were released on the 22nd

No and now we’re sad we were denied the swag

applied SAS on 10/28 still haven’t heard back

did you?

Yes I did.

Does Rutgers ever request mid year grades?

Daughter was accepted this morning, updated on portal.
-Applied 11/1 EA for combined BS/DPT
-Stats: 4.4 WGPA, No SAT
-Accepted SAS Brunswick & School of Env and Biological Sciences

Daughter was accepted.
Date applied: 10/30
Stats: 3.88 UW; SAT 1400; 8 AP, 2 dual enrollment, OOS
Accepted at New Brunswick for Psychology