rutgers.. graduating in 3 years

<p>hi i was wondering what would i have to do, to graduate rutgers in 3 years instead of the usual 4? im taking a few AP tests so if i get a good enough score on them, i know that i can transfer the credits. is there anything else i can do? please let me know. thank you.</p>

<p>It's possible to graduate from anywhere in three years, it all depends on how you plan your courses. It would be in your best interest to already have your major decided, and then look in the curriculum to see what courses you need to take to get the degree. Personally, I myself am in the position to graduate in 3 years (English major, only 2 semesters needed to graduate technically), however since I've decided to branch out to other fields of study (pre-med, psychology) it's going to take me longer. That being said, If you're already set on your major, just go for it. I recommend getting your liberal arts out of the way ASAP. Take an average/easy course load your first semester to get accustomed to the work, then continue with your gen eds the second semester. Take winter and summer courses, if you can. TRUST me. I suggest doing it for easy classes that with can pass without any problem. Once they're out of the way, you're free to put all your effort and concentration into your major</p>

<p>(Note, I am not a Rutgers student, just a hopeful transfer, however I am speaking from my own experience and the experiences of family and friends. Hope this helps!)</p>

<p>Edit: I also read the AP part, so you're already getting some gen eds out of the way, which is great.</p>

<p>thank you so much! that really helps! good luck with your college process!</p>

<p>Graduating in 3 years meaning you're elligible to skip a year due to the number of credits you have. This implies that you must enter Rutgers with at least 26 credits (this is for SAS, and it varies from school to school). If you don't come to Rutgers with 26 credits, and you still would like to graduate in 3 years, you will end up overloading your schedule; this might significantly lower your GPA depending on how much effort you are willing to put in.</p>

<p>Even if you don't enter with lots of credits, if you take summer classes and stick with your major, it is possible to graduate any college (except the military academies and possibly some engineering programs) in 3 years. H did nearly 30 years ago with an accounting degree, tough, but not impossible.</p>

<p>I could graduate in three years, came in with 25 ap credits. I've been taking 18 credits a semester (not terrible, my roommate does 20) so I'll actually go over by the end of junior year. Thats all it takes. There aren't any tricks to it, you need 120 credits to graduate an you need to finish your major. The better question is why would you want to? Most everyone I know with the opportunity to graduate in three years is here on scholarship and looking at grad school of some sort, why not stay another year and build your resume/take a few graduate classes</p>