Rutgers Honors College 2019 Admissions Help

Hey, I’m looking to apply to Rutgers Honors College next year. Can someone from the high school classes of 2018 and 2017 please tell me their stats, extracurriculars, awards, and general advice to gain admission in the HC.

You don’t apply to the honors college. They choose from the general pool of applicants.

I know that. I just mean I am looking to get accepted in the HC, and am looking for stats of people who did get in

SAT:1570, UWGPA: 4.0 out of 4.0, WGPA 4.72 and 14 AP courses.

I got into the Honors college with a 13,000 per year scholarship. 1540 SAT, Straight A’s in mostly honors and AP courses. 8 APs total throughout HS. I think the Honors college is very based off SAT and grades.

DS got in Honors College for all 3 schools SAS SEBS SOP with $19,000 - $22,000 / year scholarships
ACT:34 UW:4.0 W:4.6
A’s in all Honors and AP classes, 2 AP: 5, 1 AP: 3
Leadership roles in school, lots of EC, varsity sports, lots of volunteering and service hours, awards, research/internship, great essay etc

My daughter was invited through Mason/Gross and her invitation was based on her dance audition. $16,000.00/year trustee scholarship.

What school(s)? It matters. Many engineering applicants got honors college for SAS or RBS but not for engineering.

Yes, engineering along with pharmacy is very competitive. Stats such as SAT 1570, UWGPA 4.0 out of 4.0, WGPA 4.72, 14+ AP courses get you into Honor College and then being valedictorian or salutatorian would get you either full ride and close to a full ride (as long as you have those stats and leadership role in HS). But then such stats are Ivy league caliber.

That is very impressive! My daughter is applying for to be a BFA Dance. Would you mind sharing what your daughter’s GPA and SAT scores? I was just wondering if the criteria were just as high for dance majors? My daughter has a 3.91 GPA and 1140 on SATs which is obviously a lot lower than the numbers I am reading about here. I know it depends on pool of candidates with a Dec 1 application date. I guess it is wishful thinking on my part that maybe she has a chance???