Rutgers Honors Discussion 2025

This thread is for all who are interested in Rutgers Honors College. Feel free to post updates and questions here.

Good Luck to you all!

If you would like to share your statistics please do:
State Residency:
Accepted Y/N:

Hi all!


GPA: 4.355
Rank: 1/500
State Residency: Georgia

I was wondering if anyone knows if Honors College decisions will come with EA decisions on 2/15?

Many EA decisions already came out last month so I am guessing that the Honors College will have its own release.

Check this site for Honors invites

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Is something wrong on my end or is the link not working. It just bring me to a page that has a mini paragraph and says that the “honors selection process for the Fall of 2020 has closed” what are you suppose to see when you click on the link

We were able to get in with my son’s admission id last week. It has the Academic Year 2020-2021 heading so it was a little weird. Upon signing in, there’s a congratulatory letter and to which school he was invited for Honors College, and links to the Honors College web pages. Though my son never received an email notification.

It seems like the website was “shut down” over the weekend. Maybe there was a fluke and they prematurely released the 2021-2022 Honors invites with the website not fully updated. Hope they update it soon, and I hope to see the same invite still there.

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It was confirmed by Rutgers officials that the site with the link was inadvertenly turned on and when identified was immediately shut down. All Honors notification I was told will be coming out with Scholarship/FinAid notification early March.
Again this came from a Rutgers Official, NOT just another site.


Hope the invitations I saw will stay there…haha

Supposedly, they were all valid but not supposed to be live yet so I wouldn’t worry.

Are those who are invited to Honors guaranteed a merit scholarship offer?

How do we find out if we got into the Honors College?

Portal is up again! My invitations haven’t changed

My daughter just got the email inviting her to the Honors College.

Decisions are officially out! Got into RBS/SAS honors program. 1560 sat/97.72 gpa/decent ECs. Pretty stoked! Good luck to everyone

BTW, only Honors College kids are guaranteed merit. Kids in the Honors Program still receive money, but this money is not guaranteed.

My son got the email inviting him to the Honors College! So happy and excited for him.

Congrats to everyone who were invited.

Got invited into SAS and SOE honor program.

Just got the email notification, accepted into the Honors College! Congrats to everyone else on their acceptances

My daughter was just accepted to the honors program. We are very excited but she was really hoping for honors college. Does anyone know that if the students accepted to honors college do not choose to go to Rutgers, does that open up additional Honors College spots? If so, are honors program students ever “moved up” to honors college?

Hi pieceymom, has your daughter signed up for the Go Rutgers forum? It’s for admitted students, you can talk directly with Rutgers faculty and ask questions. It’s been a great resource for my questions, I bet you can get a quick answer on there. I hope that helps you get an answer.

Where do you sign up for the forum?