Rutgers NB (Pre-Dental/Pharm) Which General Physics to take?

<p>For the General Physics, which is the one most Pre-Med/Dental/Pharm students take?</p>

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<p>There is:</p>

<p>General Physics (750:203-204) (General</a> Physics)
- Listed in the Biology Worksheet on the Department website. Is this the same General Physics Engineering/Math Majors take as in it's more calculus-based?</p>

<p>There is also:</p>

<p>Extended General Physics (750:201-202) (General</a> Physics)
- I'm guessing this is the "lesser" of the two courses? </p>

<p>Which is the Calculus-Based General Physics Engineering Majors take?</p>

<p>Hi, Calculus based Engineering Physics is actually a sequence of courses expanded just for Engineers, because they go super in depth. they are called Analytical Physics Ia, Ib and IIa and IIb. (You should not take those, because some of them are only 2 credits, like I said, the expanded structure is designed to go in much more detail than Gen Physics ever will)
Plus your school will never give you credits for them anyway, as it is not for non-engineering majors. </p>

<p>As a pharmacy major, both General Physics & Extended General physics is suitable for you. The extended general physics is less rigorous, you get the idea. If you are good at physics, take general physics. If you are not good at it, take the extended version.</p>

<p>I was originally trying to do pharmacy but switched my mind. According to NJ transfer I had a choice of taking either</p>

<p>01750203-01750204 OR</p>


<p>the first one(01750203-01750204) is calculus based physics in my CC(brookdale) and the second one (01750193-01750194) is the algebra based.</p>