Rutger's New Brunswick Changing Name?

<p>I have heard about the merge of rutgers camden and rowan into 1 university,however one of my teachers in high school said that she heard that rutgers new brunswick would also be changing it's name or merging with another university? has anyone heard of this or know of this possibly happening?</p>

<p>Where did your teacher hear that? Rutgers NB would never merge with another university. It's the state college of NJ. It has a established name for itself already.</p>

<p>thats what i thought too! she said she knew someone at rowan who said that rutgers nb would also be either change its name or merge. i thought it sounded odd so thats what i wanted to know if anyone else had heard something similar.</p>

<p>I wouldn't believe something that obscure.</p>

<p>What you might have heard is the integration of UMDNJ into Rutgers, since they already work very closely together.</p>

<p>The merger your teacher is talking about is between the Medical school and Rutgers. Gov Chris Christie wants Rutgers to be more prestigious. Rutgers has a a lot of graduate schools and the only thing its lacking is a medical school. Makes sense, doesn't it???</p>

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