Rutgers Newark vs Penn State Altoona

<p>Hi guys. I have recently been admitted to Rutgers Newark and Penn State Altoona. I am having a tough time trying to choose between the two and I am looking for advice on where to accept my offers. </p>

<p>I was denied from Rutgers NB but that doesn't phase me because I didn't really like how the entire location of the school is set up with the sub campuses and locations. However, if I do not like Newark I would not have a problem moving to NB after a semester or a year (depending on their transfer circumstances).</p>

<p>I was denied from Penn State University Park even including their summer session. This is where I really wanted to go but if I truly want to attend this campus I would have to do their 2+2 plan and move up to State College/University Park after two years. I am extremely attracted to their atmosphere and campus but I still have not visited yet. (Silly Me.)</p>

<p>My current thoughts about my major is Biology. I plan on going on to Optometry school and both universities are top notch in this area. I am also from NJ so I would pay in state tuition but my family is financially stable to pay for an OOS college.</p>

<p>Anybody is welcome to post because I am really undecided on these offers and need a different perspective on things from other students. Please & Thank you!</p>

<p>“I am extremely attracted to their atmosphere and campus but I still have not visited yet.” I have no idea how that’s possible, but okay.</p>

<p>If you are “extremely attracted to their atmosphere and campus,” go to PSU. I’ve been to Altoona a few times, and absolutely loved its cozy and bucolic environment. People are also very friendly. Besides, Altoona has very profound locomotive history ;)</p>

<p>Personally, I’d much rather prefer to stay in Altoona than Newark, but that’s just me. Newark has good aspects too; it’s closer to New York, so I presume that it’s much easier for you to get intern positions than you would in Altoona. You would also find Newark to be much more diverse than Altoona (not sure if that’s good or bad for you but). After all, Altoona is located in western Pennsylvania O_o</p>

<p>Bottom Line: Visit both campuses, and see which city you like better, because PSU Altoona and Rutgers-Newark have comparable biology department.</p>

<p>So sorry. I forgot to input I have not visited Altoona but I HAVE visited University Park in that statement. Sadly, it won’t let me edit my original post. The main campus is beautiful and magnificent.</p>

<p>Diversity is not a major factor but it also plays a role in my decision. I am Pakistani and I am not sure how diverse Altoona is but I do know that University Park is very multicultural. That was one thing that drew me closer to going to University Park.</p>

<p>If I attend Altoona I would have to do Penn State’s 2+2 plan and move up to University Park after two years. However, this plan is very discouraging as I believe two years is just too much at a satellite campus. I can just move up to Rutgers NB after a semester or a year depending on the transfer circumstances.</p>

<p>I will most likely be commuting to Newark or may have an apartment down in the area. I would be dorming at Altoona but apparently the word is the housing is full already.</p>

<p>Altoona’s population is 95% Caucasian, and approximately 75% conservative and 25% liberal (if this concerns you). But I’m sure you will find a bit more of diversity on your school campus. I strongly encourage you to look into PSU-Altoona if you want to pursue going to PSU-UP. 2+2 year program guarantees you that you will be transferred to University Park if you satisfied the requirements. It’s not a bad option to consider.</p>

<p>Believe or not, transferring to Rutgers-NB from Newark isn’t as easy as some people put.</p>

<p>I don’t go to Rutgers Newark but I’ve been to a couple frat parties there, and they were pretty awesome. Free beer and making out with girls pretty much sums up my experience at Rutgers Newark. If partying is a factor, Rutgers Newark might be the place for you.</p>

<p>I do like to socialize and party. I find that both Penn State and Rutgers match up to my expectations when it comes to partying and academics. It’s just a tough choice dealing with Penn State’s 2+2 plan to get to University Park or transferring to Rutgers NB after a year. </p>

<p>Also, Sixflags/NJCollegeBoy what schools are you attending? If any.</p>

<p>I’m a sophomore, attending a crappy four year state school in NJ (I don’t want to name it). I plan on transferring to Rutgers New Brunswick in the Fall. I applied and now I’m just waiting for the admissions decision. I’ll most likely get accepted though.</p>

<p>I wish you the best of luck dude. At least you know where you want to go =P</p>


<p>I go to Rutgers-NB. As someone who also applied to PSU-UP in high school and got in, I can tell you right away that PSU has great academics; being at PSU is definitely something that you should look forward to. But the academic differences between Rutgers-NB and PSU-UP isn’t so prominent compared to the differences in the tuition fees you have to pay.</p>

<p>If you want to socialize, go to Newark and transfer to NB. But PSU isn’t a bad option either, because PSU-UP students socialize even more so than we do. If you’re social like you said, going to Altoona and transferring to University Park is a very small price to pay.</p>

<p>(I’d personally go to Altoona if I were you, but you can ignore me lol) Do what it “feels” right for you.</p>

<p>Are you a freshman there? Can you describe your typical experiences and interactions with other people… Yes, include parties. How are the football / basketball games?</p>

<p>More importantly, I am trying to find the best place to succeed in both academically and socially and both Rutgers / Penn State are the perfect options. </p>

<p>This is honestly one of the toughest decisions to make because their both so good in every single way possible.</p>

<p>If you want to know about how parties are, I’m not the right person to talk to, because I hate going to parties. From most of the people I heard who went to parties, however, they are generally okay. I also recall hearing that they don’t let guys in if they don’t bring a girl. I might be wrong though.</p>

<p>People’s personality varies from campus to campus. I go to the engineering school, so I’m on a campus where people are generally friendly and cordial. Yes, you will see quite a few scumbags whom you’d want to jump, but they are only a small group of people. People are more outgoing on College ave campus, so that’s where most of the parties are.</p>

<p>Football games and basketball games were nice. Nothing specially amazing about them.</p>

<p>LOL south park destroyed penn state so i recommend you go else where</p>

<p>Ok lol? That doesn’t have any influence on my decision.</p>

<p>just bumping this thread so I can hear more opinions.</p>