Rutgers Newark

<p>I just finished my junior year with average grades- C's and B's. My classes are more advanced course, pre-calc, physics, and classes at community college. For my senior year I'm taking AP Biology, classes at the local community college, and classes such as those. I do average in all of my classes but I'm hoping that they will notice the level of difficulty. My gpa is around a 3.1, I know its low. As of now my highest ACT score is a 23, which is roughly a 1800 on the SAT, and Im taking it as many more times as I can. I volunteer at the hospital and I'm a third year varsity swimmer for my school. What are my chances of getting into Rutgers Newark?</p>

<p>Also I live in Ohio, so Im applying from out of state. I dont know if this matters or not, but just throwing it out there.</p>