Rutgers of Upitts

Hi everyone so I am having trouble chosing where to go. I am still undecided but wanted to major in biology and pre med pathway.
I live in NJ so Rutgers will be closer about 1 hour away. Pitt is 5 hours, but I love that it’s in a city and I live they have good reasearch and scenic majors.Pitt also gave me a good financial aid. Which is 29,646 for this year. Rutgers haven’t came out yet.

This is by far the hardest decision I have ever faced. I am literally between Rutgers and UPitt for my first choices right now! I was accepted to Pitt with merit in December, but have yet to hear from Rutgers because I applied RD. I am so nervous! I really want to get in! It is nice to know someone is in the same boat. I am leaning towards Rutgers because of their 3+3 DPT program, but where is your mind at?

Me personal like researches and city environments. Also Pitt is surrounded with 5-6 hospitals so lots of volunteers, internship and research opportunities.
I am leaning forward Pitt

Let me know your ideas so we can figure it out together :blush::blush:

Did you apply EA to Rutgers? If so, what are your stats and school/major you applied too? I am nervous mine are a bit low…

You apply to New Brunswick ?
I didn’t do SAT or ACT
My GPA is 3.99 all closes are 85-100
I apply for undecided

We should add instragram or soemthing

If the COA is close, then it sounds like Pitt would make more sense for you.

Rutgers has tons of research opportunities and is a great option of potential med school students. They have hospital affiliations as well. I would look closely at price if med school is the goal since you will get a great foundation at either school.

What is CoA ?

coa = cost of attendance