Rutgers Open House

We visited Rutgers open house yesterday and really like the opportunity it provides. The CS program looked pretty good. The honors college offers good dorm plus offers various internship, research opportunities it seems. Also the Wise program helps women get internship/scholarship. Also they are planning to have full data science major in fall. Overall not bad for instate university. Next week we will attend UMD open house. Let’s see how we feel about it.


Thanks for sharing your experience. Do post your UMD experience next week.

Are these open houses in addition to Admitted Student days?

Sorry I meant Admitted student day.

We did the UMD open house today and it left us very very impressed. It’s absolutely a tier above Rutgers. The overall vibe felt much different than Rutgers. People seemed much more passionate about leaning/teaching. The various labs in the CS building looks very good. The undergraduate advisor desk was right there. We didn’t see any of this at Rutgers. Overall campus also felt much more upscale than Rutgers. There seemed lot more opportunities and resources made available to students. We had almost decided on Rutgers but now thinking may be it’s worth spending oos tuition for UMD.

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Nice to hear that. UMD CS is rated among the top 20 undergraduate programs in the country by US News so it’s definitely a top tier program.