Rutgers Pharm D program to go to medical school

Admitted to Rutgers Pharm D - No scholarship - In State

Is this program a good way to get into medical school? It is a 6 yr program but are there advantages over traditional 4 year undergraduate in terms of experience and knowledge that medical school will consider?

There are several people I know who did pharmacy school first before applying to medical school. Its an extra 2 years. They were both at the top of their class, and the grading at pharmacy schools is sometimes tough. Pharmacy is a good fallback option as a career in case you can’t get into med school.

But look into the grading policies to see if you can maintain a high enough GPA. Does Rutgers have a bachelors option (4 years) for pharmacy?

I don’t think pharmacy school is a good way to get to medical school…certainly not an efficient one.

@WayOutWestMom Your thoughts?

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Not really. Med school adcomms expect those who have graduated in other healthcare professions to have actually worked in their field of training for several years first before applying to med school. You need to be able to articulate “why medicine instead of pharmacy”–and that requires work experience to answer.