Rutgers Placement Test - How to Prepare?

<p>Hi everyone!</p>

<p>I was accepted/enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences at RU-NB and I'm supposed to take the placement test tomorrow. From what I know, the test should cover Math and English (along with a 20-min essay). For those that have taken it already (or are planning to take it), how did you prepare? Should I use SAT Math questions to prep or just practice with any questions (from online, books, etc.)? I know its just a placement test but its been quite awhile since I've done any math, so I definitely need some practice.</p>

<p>I know basic and intermediate algebra is covered, along with some precalculus (I took everything but trig, I suppose), but to what extent is the level of math work on there? Since we're not allowed to use calculators, I'm assuming the math isn't going to be that difficult, right? Would I be okay if I just went over the basic math rules?</p>

<p>Also, for those who took the test, how did you guys get through the 20-min essay? lol I'm terrible with timed essays (I got an 8 on the SAT essay, but that was two years ago), so I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get through it?</p>

<p>And are the reading passages/questions similar to those on the SAT or easier?</p>

<p>One more thing - I heard that the RU placement test is built on a "first come, first serve" basis. So if you take the test late, (like on the 24th of August, for example), they'll put you in any-level class, regardless of your score. At least that's what my friend's mom told me (my friend goes to RU). Is this true? Does anyone have any experiences that clarify this?</p>

<p>I'd appreciate the help ASAP. Thank you ♥</p>

<p>I was exempt from the English one (if your CR SAT score was over 600, you are too :) ).</p>

<p>The math test took me 25 or 30 minutes out of the entire hour that was given. Some finished within 15 minutes, and a lot of people were still taking it when I left. Just go over precalc stuff that you may have forgotten (there is lots of stuff involving logarithms and exponents) and you'll be fine.</p>