Rutgers- the Prinston connection.

<p>So is it true that there is a "good" proportion of RU students are heading to Princeton for grad school? How about the physics dipartment, are they well connected to the Princeton dipartment? What is the deal here. ( it is kind of obvious that the two have close ties but how close is it really?) any personal stories welcome</p>

<p>Princeton was established in 1746 while Rutgers was established in 1766 as Queen's College. I believe the very first football game that Rutgers played was with Princeton. In fact, Rutgers and Princeton are the ones who first brought American football to America. Well, to the world. Apart from their historical connections, I heard there were a few academic connections between Princeton and Rutgers, but I don't know the details.</p>

<p>LOL, no. Our math department occasionally sends someone to Princeton for grad school and every so often speakers come to here and vice versa. For physics its basically the same story. Our professors have some connections with Princeton (it'd be almost impossible not to) but Princeton is arguably the best university on earth and we are... a pretty okay state school. It is not a close tie</p>

<p>I do know that needsorsleep, I meant relationship by "tie" though, not tied in ranking. I was asking how often rutgers students go to Princeton.</p>

<p>he answered your question. almost never.</p>

<p>really, wow... I thought it wold be easyer to get from rutger to Princeton (relatively!!) than it is from Penn Stat.</p>

<p>Most Princeton PhD programs are tiny. You'll rarely find a school that is heavily represented, and when you do, they are the typical suspects ..</p>

<p>If you have anything to add to <a href=""&gt;;/a> please do.... it is a great tip tread so I also advise any college student to follow the tips</p>

<p>and please don't misspell Princeton's name again either for that matter. :P</p>