Rutgers University vs University of Richmond for Cog Sci Major

Hey everyone,

I’m working on finalising my college list so I can get started on the supplemental essays as fast as I possible.

While I was doing this, I was researching a bit about Rutgers University and University of Richmond. I am torn between the both and not sure which one would be the best for my major, which is cognitive science, and socially too. I am an Indian girl, so I’m hoping for an inclusive school with good financial aid back up too. I am just really confused between both. please help me out.

i don’t know much about the university of richmond, but rutgers is definitely a great school for cogsci. it’s incredibly diverse, inclusive, and has a great community. financial aid just depends on your family’s income, and i don’t know how fin aid works for international students, but rutgers usually does offer money! good luck!

You can look up diversity stats on schools Common Data Sets (internet search “Common Data Set+”. Richmond didn’t appear very diverse to us but the stats will tell a better story. I don’t know anything about your major, but Richmond has a “Richmond Guarantee” which is a stipend towards an internship that is given to all students. You can also run the Net Price Calculator to estimate what you would get in aid from each school.