?s for current or past UNC-A students

<p>S is starting to think about possible college choices. He wants to focus on an art career- exactly which type is left to be decided. In your opinion, how strong is the art department at UNC-A? He likes the look of the size of the school, the fact that it has a reputation for catering to undergrads, and for an out of stater, seems to have some possibilities for merit based aid. </p>

<p>Also, we were reading about the Multimedia major. Do you know anything about that area of study? THanks so much for any opinions or knowledge you can share!</p>

<p>A good friend's daughter attends UNC-Asheville, so I'm not speaking from first-hand experience, but I hear regular feedback. Can't help with impressions about the art department, but the girl loves this school (she's a business major). It's labeled a "public liberal arts college", so classes are small with professors dedicated to teaching undergrads. They seem to pride themselves on undergrad research opportunities and the amount of attention and guidance given to their students. It's a quieter sort of school in comparison to large universities and doesn't seem to have much school spirit. It depends what your son is looking for as far as atmosphere. If a bit more laid-back would suit him, it might be a school he should look into.</p>

<p>P.S. Just talked with my friend, asked her about the arts there - She said Asheville is considered an "artsy" sort of place, so maybe that's a good sign. She also said, "If they ask about housing, tell them all the dorms are good EXCEPT Founder's Hall". (Apparently it's the older highrise...)</p>

<p>Thanks for checking with your friend and giving me some information on the school. I, too, had read somewhere that Asheville was considered very "artsy" as a community. That has to be helpful to aspiring artists in school there. If your friend's daughter has any contacts with students in the art dept., could you steer them to this site and particularly this discussion :)? It is so helpful to actually talk to students/former students about their education and what they perceive to be the school's strengths. If my S continues with his desire to go into that area, he definitely wants to go somewhere that will give him a good start. Thanks again for taking time to write and check!</p>

<p>Good university - I'm in my first year here, and I'm already seeing what a value this place it for undergrad education. Classes are small, so you feel like you're getting good instruction right from a professor, rather than being stuck in a big lecture hall where you'd have to fight to have the prof know your name. No T/A's or unintelligible grad students. Quiet, safe campus. In the Blue Ridge Mountains, so a lot of outdoor sports opportunities here. I'd definitely recommend, unless you want a rowdy, jock-loving sports scene. More laid-back here.</p>