Sacramento State transfer admissions transcript required? Or only if they ask for it?

<p>I saw that there was a deadline to send transcripts by February 3rd but I didn't send mine in because I didnt have any holds or to-do's on my student center. Now I am really nervous that I was supposed to send it but my application status still says it is pending and has not been removed. Did anyone else not send theres or know if we needed to whether we were asked to or not? Thank you.
p.s. this is for fall 2014 admissions</p>

<p>I didn’t send mine either-- like you, I didn’t have any notices in my to-do’s, and I didn’t receive an email notification to send them. Yikes. I was checking mySacState regularly too. The only place I found the February 3rd date is in tiny print on this page:
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Going to send in my transcripts now and hope for the best… :confused: </p>

<p>Yeah I actually emailed the admissions and they said they DID want the transcripts and to send them ASAP. hopefully its not to late =/</p>

<p>I didn’t have any notices on my to-do’s either and found out that transcripts were required by viewing the school website on Feb 18th; after the deadline! I received a rejection letter for an incomplete application. Submitting an appeal. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will have mercy. I feel better knowing that I wasn’t the only one that missed this.</p>

I’m also late submitting my transcripts to Sac State, was your appeal granted?

Can anyone reassure me that there application was accepted to Sac State in regards to their transcripts being late?

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