Sacred Heart Acceptance?

Anyone receive their admissions letters for EA yet? And did it come in a regular letter or larger envelope if accepted?

It’s like you read my mind… I was wondering also if anyone has heard from SHU!?

Got our envelope today. Keep a look out :blush:


My son received his Sacred Heart acceptance in the mail yesterday (Friday). It came in a large envelope- inside the envelope was a folder with information/letter.

My daughter received her Sacred Heart acceptance in the main Saturday. :blush:

My son also received his acceptance in the mail yesterday (Monday, Jan 24), together with a merit scholarship.

Where are you all from? We are still anxiously awaiting in CA.

Accepted from Long Island, NY. Good luck!

There doesn’t seem to be a list for 2023 admissions. But I’m wondering for those students accepted EA last year, when did you find out your Fin Aid package?

I believe last year financial aid info came together in the big acceptance package/ envelope in the mail.

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Merit award letters were included in the acceptance package and also invitations to honors college (if selected) are included. The merit award letter states that needs based aid will be provided in a separate letter, but did not specify when. It seems like most colleges release that in March/April.

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Thanks, yes we did receive merit award in the big acceptance envelope. Just waiting on Financial Aid info, as we have already received it from other schools. Admissions are telling us mid-Feb.

We received acceptance, honors program info, and merit awards packet in large envelope last week. It said any financial aid would follow.