Sacred Heart Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

Has anyone received decisions by mail yet? I know they say will be post marked by 1/31 but last year’s thread shows they started mailing them earlier

Their instagram page shows a picture of EA1 decisions being mailed out. So they should be arriving in the mail soon!


Anyone receive a decision in the mail today? Nothing here

Nothing here. Everyday we are ■■■■■■■■ the mailbox…

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Arrived today in NJ :slight_smile:

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Our arrived today in Pennsylvania!

Not in the mail today in VA… this is why I hate mailed decisions :frowning:

Nothing here yet :sob:(in MA) but heard some in CT received theirs yesterday…2/1

Haven’t received anything yet. In NH and my daughter applied for the nursing program.

My son just got his today in VA… applied Nursing as well… now to wait for him to get home to open it

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Acceptance packet received!

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Received admissions envelope today in CT. Postmark was 1/31.

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Admissions packet was received 2/1 (we are in MA)