Sacred Heart Nursing

People that have been accepted I to SHU nursing, what were your stats? I have a 3.5 GPA and a 25 ACT. I also went on an interview which I felt went really well

My understanding is that SHU releases all EA letters at once on 1/31/20. And they snail mail them. No updates get posted in the portal. My D applied for Nursing.

So, the decision will come first via email or regular mail?


@cat5601 Were you accepted into SH nursing?

They come in the mail on the 31.

Okay great!! Best of luck to you.

Have any nursing students heard?

No letter today on LI. Nursing

Letters came today for Long Island. D20, accepted into the Nursing school! Was her 1 and now I gotta figure out how we can make it happen$.

congrats reddevildad….nothing in Mass today in mail. you mind listing your daughters stats?

Letter came today, with merit award and Honors college award for nursing contingent on her visiting the school. Really?! Anyone else with similar outcome?

4.0 GPA, 25 ACT Merit award of $70k

got ours today. in.