Sacred Heart University admissions 2025

Share any news on the admissions process at shu 25

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@amass11 Ed came out earlier this week. From previous experience (3 years ago d applied, was accepted and is currently a Pioneer) ea comes out snail mail end of January, although with the way the world is now, hopefully they will send decisions via email. Hth!!


just got a package in the mail saying I was accepted but nothing on the portal!!! check your mailboxes everyone!!


What state are you in?

Wow - usually they put out a tweet when they mail them out. Exciting!

Awesome! Congrats! What state do you live in?

The admissions office posted on instagram about 4 hours ago! @shuadmissions on instagram


Admitted EA Daughter Welch Business School 13k Merit another $2500 for Theater participation letter came in mail today 1/25/21


Congrats! :slight_smile:

Where do you live? (Wonder where lettered have been received)

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i live in new jersey for everyone asking

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Cape Cod Falmouth MA. Also another senior in Central MA Webster received today as well.

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Have they updated the admission portal?

not for me yet

Recieved my acceptance package/letters in the mail yesterday(01/25/2021).
Out of state(MA), exercise science with freshman admittance to the DPT program, Trustees Scholarship (13K) in aid, toured the campus back in september and interviewed, had application in before November.

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S just got an email saying they are still working on decisions and the rest will be mailed out by 1/29.
The email also said it was their largest applicant pool to date.

My daughter received an email today saying decisions have started to be mailed out. With all of them being mailed by the end of this week.

I wish they would just use email or the portal for decisions like most other colleges in 2021!

Nothing in mail yet so now I’m worrying about whether getting it later means anything. Hoping it just means they are going in alphabetical order.


D hasn’t received anything in the mail either. But we are at the end of the alphabet so, not expecting anything until much later.

This entire process has been stressful. My D is remote more than in class. Every school has expressed how this year applications are all higher than normal. The waiting is the worst. I agree. Post it in the portal so she can rip the band aid already lol

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