Sacred Heart University

I am looking for insight into Sacred Heart University. I plan on visiting the campus soon with my son. It appears to be a nice modern campus which is expanding. Could someone provide information if it is a suitcase school? Does the student government and or clubs organize weekend events and trips such as hiking, skiing etc? I believe Fairfield is about 10-15 minutes from SHU and there are plenty of restaurants and a music venue there. Does SHU run shuttles to Fairfield and anywhere else? I heard that they are fairly generous with merit aid. Any insight on SHU would be appreciated.

My son is at Fairfield Unviersity so we know a lot about Sacred Heart since it is very similar and located in the same town. I would say it is not a suitcase school but you will find that on long weekends many will go home because many live on the east coast. The town of Fairfield is great with many restaurants, shopping and other activities. I do know that Sacred Heart does have a shuttle that goes around town. They have a facebook group for parents you should check out. While you are visiting I would recommend you see Fairfield University too. Differences are at Fairfield everything is located on campus. There are no dorms or academic buildings that are a mile or more away you can walk to everything within 10-15 mintues. They also guarantee housing for all four years with senior year having the option to live off campus in houses located at the beach. Some students love that and some want to move off campus as soon as they can so its a personal preference.