sacred heart -vs- others

<p>My D is interested in Sacred Heart University, Quinnipiac U, Fairfield, and St Joseph's University; she is an athlete and has recieved a package of 35K from Sacred Heart, 20K from St Joseph's, and 10K each from the other two. She liked all schools but preferred the campus of Quinnipiac > St Joe's > the other two. Is it worth looking at the other schools when Sacred Heart's offer would just leave us < 10K out of pocket. Are the other schools worth the considerable difference in out of pocket cost.</p>

<p>@drswiety what sport does your daughter play? My D was accepted to the nursing program at SHU, but she's got better merit/financial aid offers from other schools (Loyola Maryland, Providence, and Stonehill). We're thinking maybe she should have gone the athletic route (My D plays Volleyball and Softball).</p>